About Ali

Ali Kermeen is an accomplished equestrian with a diverse background that makes her an exceptional mentor along your riding journey. Having grown up at a prominent eventing barn in the east San Francisco Bay Area, Ali’s passion for various equestrian disciplines, including dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper, gymkhana, and more, became an integral guiding force of her professional life.

Central to Ali’s approach is the belief that riding should be an enjoyable experience for both the rider and the horse. She meets each pair with insightful guidance, finding simple ways to make profound changes for their relationship and ability to work together. Her goal is to guide riders using a logical progression towards a partnership characterized by lightness, empathy, and harmony.

Ali’s training philosophy is built on a foundation of dressage principles integrated with Dorrance-style horsemanship, emphasizing qualities like harmony, empathy, and lightness. Her students and training horses thrive across a wide range of activities, from Dressage and Working Equitation to Cowboy Dressage, gaited horses, ground work, liberty and R+ training.

As a clinician and author, Ali’s expertise is widely recognized. Her recently released book, The Working Equitation Manual: 101 Exercises for Schooling and Competing, is a testament to her dedication to the sport. This book, which focuses on perfecting Working Equitation Obstacles, showcases Ali’s deep understanding of both the discipline and how variety can improve a horse’s enthusiasm for their work.

Ali’s professional credentials include certifications such as Certified Horsemen’s Association (CHA) Master Instructor, Cowboy Dressage level 2 clinician, United States Eventing Association (USEA) certified level 1 Instructor, and United States Dressage Federation (USDF) “L” judge program graduate. Her accomplishments range from being a USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist to achieving victory in the SWANA Dressage Futurity and coaching Santa Clara University’s dressage team. Ali has topped the regional and national leaderboards in working equitation. In Cowboy Dressage, she’s claimed world championships and reserve championships in the challenge, partnership, drill team, and gaited horse divisions.

With Ali’s wealth of experience and success, she guides students toward excellence in their equestrian pursuits. From uncovering foundational holes to polishing performance, with a clear dedication to the art of riding, coupled with her broad skill set, ensures that students under her guidance can expect a fulfilling and progressive journey in the equestrian world.