Centaur Yourself Training Videos

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The Centaur Yourself course is designed to be a companion to Ali’s book, “The Working Equitation Training Manual”.

Membership includes access to the “Centaur Yourself” Facebook group. Ali will respond to three subscriber videos each month with solutions personalized for you and your horse. This way, the program is customized by your experience of the exercises!

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The members only, “Centaur Yourself” Facebook Group is the hub to connect with other subscribers working on the same things. New content will be updated every month!

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$39.95 / month

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$399.50 / year

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A Peek Inside Module One

12 Individual Videos – Exercises 1 – 7a. Includes:
  • Exercise 1: Square Halts – Learn how to ride this often overlooked, but CRUCIAL, element of training.
  • Exercise 2a: Bit Fit – Check in with your horse to make sure his bit is in its optimal position
  • Exercise 2: Reaching – Prepare for Obstacles like the cup, jug, gate, and life in general
  • Exercise 3a: Bridle Fit – Consider your horse’s headgear from his perspective
  • Exercise 3: Halting Precisely – Improve your timing to optimize your placement at obstacles
  • Exercise 4a: Chi Transitions – The most important, and most commonly overlooked, element of communication
  • Exercise 4: Transitions on a Straight Line – A diagnostic for lateral balance
  • Exercise 5a: Selecting a Halter for Groundwork – Understand your tool for communication
  • Exercise 5: The Jug – Bring together the earlier exercises to accomplish a task
  • Exercise 6a: Leading – The most basic building block of groundwork
  • Exercise 6: Switch Cup – Practice independent movement of your arms, while your horse practices balance and immobility
  • Exercise7a: Rope Handling – Learn to handle your rope effortlessly before attaching it to your horse